Muñoz y Cabrera, Rodrigo

Lecturer of Spanish Language and History, Nankai University


I studied translation and interpreting at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Later on, I decided to write books and articles about World War II, a topic I am interested in. I decided to continue my translation studies at the University of Seville. I finished the Master in Translation and Cross-Cultural Studies in 2012. As regards to my Ph.D. research, it was a terminology one focused primarily on the real use of military terminology in World War Two. Through Corpus Linguistics and Terminology tools, I compiled a glossary of military terms that confirmed the evolution of terms at a specific time-spam, a project I continue on today.

I currently work at the College of Foreign Languages, Nankai University (Tianjin, China). I teach the Spanish language at different levels as well as the history of Spain. I am also working on projects related to language teaching and translation studies with the aid of Corpus Linguistics.