Macho, Alberto
Group of Molecular Plant-Bacteria Interactions, Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology 

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Alberto studied Biology and did his PhD at the University of Málaga (Spain). During his PhD he used genetic approaches to characterise Type III effector proteins in Pseudomonas syringae, under the supervision of Prof. Carmen R. Beuzón. In February 2011 he joined the group of Prof. Cyril Zipfel, at The Sainsbury Laboratory, in Norwich (United Kingdom), where he studied the molecular mechanisms underlying the activation of PAMP-triggered immunity in plants. Since January 2015 he leads the group of Molecular Plant-Bacteria Interactions at the Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology. The overall purpose of his group is deciphering the molecular mechanisms of infection by plant-pathogenic bacteria, the plant processes targeted by them and the associated plant signaling pathways. His research is based on an integrated multidisciplinary approach combining biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, on both pathogen and host plants.
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