The Network of Researchers China-Spain (RICE, from its acronym in Spanish) is an initiative from the Spanish scientific community based in China to promote the exchange of experiences and foster scientific cooperation between both countries. RICE takes as reference other well established networks of Spanish researchers abroad, and it seeks to become a powerful node of this macro-network.

RICE emerges as a digital platform that aims to highlight the work of Spanish researchers based in China, compile useful information, organize events to enhance research exchange, facilitate the comprehension of the Chinese scientific system from inside, and become a link to the Spanish research system.

The objectives of RICE are:

  • Create a platform for the exchange of information that gathers not only Spanish researchers based in China, but also any other actors in the scientific relationships between Spain and China. Therefore, Chinese and Spanish contributors from both the public and private sector are welcome, regardless of their place of residency. In order to do so, RICE offers a section with resources, job opportunities and relevant news for the research activities of the network.
  • Disseminate the research activities developed by the members of the network. In such a vast country like China, with an enormous and constantly growing community of researchers, RICE intends to give visibility to Spanish scientists. With this aim, RICE organizes academic and advertising events to promote the important research of its members.
  • Boost relationships between the research systems of Spain and China, providing information and support to the researchers interested on working in China, and publishing job and funding opportunities related to both countries. With this objective, RICE is in constant contact with institutions of both countries and wants to serve as link between them.